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On 20 May 2015, 26 organizations coming from government, civil society, police, military and private sector in Germany and the Netherlands launched the Common Effort Community. The founding civil and military organizations and observers of this Community, that specialize on fragile states and its issues, like Protection of Civilians (PoC), Human Security and Stability, Development, Capacity Building and Humanitarian Aid, agreed in their Joint Statement to contribute to a safe and secure world in which men and women live with dignity enjoying their universal human rights.

On 30 June 2016, another 11 organizations became member or observer of the Community.


Additional organisations are kindly invited to join the Community and to contribute to its aims. A signing ceremony is held every year during the High Level Event of the Common Effort Exercise. Signing the Joint Statement is seen as the official incorporation of new members of the Common Effort Community.

The Common Effort Community provides a platform for exchange and cooperation between organizations that share the idea of comprehensive consultation, cooperation and preparation to improve stability, safety and security. The objectives of the Community are to:

  • build and expand relevant networks to combine and coordinate our efforts, expertise or experience

  • train, learn and share knowledge and experiences to improve our understanding of fragility and conflict, including also local security dynamics and perceptions of civilians in conflict areas, which will also enhance our strategies in the field of Protection of Civilians

  • develop and evaluate our concepts and approaches in form of annual action plans that translate our Joint Statement into concrete joint actions, wherever needed and whenever possible within the capacities and mandates of each and every signatory

  • promote public and political support in Germany, the Netherlands as well as in other countries and with international forums like NATO, EU and the UN to enhance the comprehensive approach.

Common Effort 2015: Berlin

Common Effort 2016: The Hague

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