What is Common Effort?


  • In 2010, First (German/Netherlands) Corps (1GNC) initiated an exercise for civil-military cooperation to strengthen stability, safety and security in a comprehensive way.

  • Every year development workers, diplomats, think tank experts and military meet to practice comprehensive cooperation on the basis of an existing country or region facing challenges with stability, safety and security.

  • In 2015, participants established the Common Effort Community. To date more than 50 organizations are member of the Common Effort Community.

  • The Common Effort Community provides a platform for organizations that share the idea of a comprehensive approach to improve stability, safety and security.

New Course of Action

Next three year focus on Sahel region

  • Common Effort recently reshaped its agenda by introducing a multi-year regional focus in line with the policy priorities on foreign relations, security and development of Germany and the Netherlands. This will unlock the full potential of the Common Effort Community.

  • From 2019 Common Effort will focus on the Sahel region, a region that has become a foreign policy, security and development priority for many European countries, including Germany and the Netherlands.

Common Effort Infographic_png.png